Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Recap of July Goals

1. Pay off more debt than we did in the month of June.
We paid off $492.31 in the month of July. This amount in more than the $273.84 we paid last month, however, it was a short month for us (as far as tracking our actual debt reduction). Our paychecks were a little screwed up...so, I am pretty happy with this number. Especially when we have been trying to buy the necessary items for Baby #2...whose due date is coming faster than any other event in my entire life. This pregnancy would probably set a world record.....haha. Well, the world records in my head.

2. Continue to work together on paying bills and reaching our financial goals.
Mastered, we now always work together on bills and budgeting for our future.

3. Get up to date on all past-due bills.
Still did not happen completely, however we are getting closer. Z's work keeps changing up the payment schedule for the car payment, which makes us behind for the couple of weeks. I really can not wait until this gets back on a workable schedule.

4. Continue to post regarding our thoughts on how our budget is going, at least 3 times per week.
While I did blog at least 3 times a week (on average), not all of these posts were budget related....but, I will continue to try and hold myself accountable to my financial goals by posting more regularly.

5. Find ways to increase our monthly income.
This is a kind of hit and miss this month. I did secure a child-care job starting the end of August, which is fantastic! This will bring in approximately $75 a week, and I don't have to leave our son! That is the best part of it all. Z, however, decided that his second job just was not working out....and I don't blame him. It was taking a lot out of him, plus we didn't get to enjoy his company over the weekend :(. Anyway, so this month will show a loss of income....but, he is looking for something else to bring in a little bit of extra income.

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  1. That's great about the babysitting job, I would love to find something like that! Too bad about your husband's 2nd job, I imagine it would be pretty tough to work so much and not see your family much! We are hoping to get a paper route sometime, although we aren't morning people, I think for the amount of time you actually put in it's not a bad extra job.


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