Thursday, July 30, 2009

Re: Comment from Rachel

"we've had great weather here to- you aren't in Illinois are you? The cheap theaters are great we use to go to one, I'd love to go to a drive in sometime too! We also have local radio and tv websites that sell half price gift cert for local places and sometimes they have resaraunts- might be a good idea if you want to go out o eat, I think thhhey are usually like$40 and you pay $20. (sorry baby on my lap...) :)"

They above comment is from Rachel, you can find her blog here.

We are actually in Eastern Iowa....pretty close to the Illinois border.

One of our local tv stations has Half Price Thursdays...however, in the summer it is for mostly golf courses. It is a great resource in the colder months! Thanks for the suggestion.

You are brave to have your computer out with a baby on your lap. My little one goes crazy over computers! He just wants to type, and might I add drool, all over my lap top. Haha ;o)

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