Thursday, July 2, 2009


First of all, do you coupon?

At this point it really kind of seems like more of a hassle than it's worth. I cut the coupons, try to look for sales. But, I rarely have a coupon when the item is on sale at my local grocery stores.

Are there any tricks of the trade that I am missing? Any suggestions to help me out?

I have a fairly organized binder with all of my coupons. I asked my little brother for his old baseball card protectors (that he was no longer using), and placed each of my coupons into the slot. This helps a lot, but I often forget the binder. Or if I do remember the binder, I forget to take out the coupon at the register. Ugh!

Haha, I am probably making this a lot more difficult than it actually is...but, I know that it can be such a great money saver. Help!

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  1. you have got to start doing some research. I started on HCW (Hot Coupon and started reading the threads, the stores that I have in my area. start slow, as it can be overwhelming, but it is a HUGE payoff, once you learn the lingo, and how couponing actually works.. its simple only when you understand how all the stores work, and how the coupons combined work. it took me a little time, but I am so glad that I do now, I can easily keep my monthly spending on groceries and toiletries UNDER $100/ mo for our family of 4!! obtain multiple inserts and when a fee/cheap item is avaible, you can get multiple of that item and start a "stockpile" of these things. I used to do the binder method but that was hours of clipping and organizing every weekend. I now use a filing cabinet a small one, and file them by weekend, like 10/4 would be oct 4th inserts, you can see what insert is what week by looking on the spine of the insert, itll say 10/04/09 or whatever weekend it is. on the HCW site there is a coupon database and you can search for specific coupons there, and it will thell you where to find it, then you can look in your filing cabinet and go to that weekend, also the SS is the Smart Source insert, PG is Proctor & Gamble, RP is Red Plum, GM General Mills, etc. please start into some heavy coupoing.. check out my blog, or a couple of blogs I follow and are just a couple I check


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