Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Re: Comment from Rachel (Part 4)

"I've decided to actually try more of a budget for us this month and am trying the envelope cash thing for our grocery $ and eating out $- this month will be our trial month to see if this system will work for us. I'm thinking of starting a blog to keep myself inline so we'll see... It'll probably be private just cause I have nosey family memebrs that read my other blog- but if you're intersetd in it let me know. Good Luck!!"

This comment is from Rachel, you can find her blog here.

I think that the envelope idea is great, unfortunately maybe not for my family. I have tried to get into it a couple of times, but it doesn't work out for us because we live so closely to our average income. I believe that you have to have quite a surplus to stay on top of it. Our bills are due at random times throughout the month, so putting half of the amount into the envelope one paycheck, and the rest the next would make us late with the payment. I think that it is a great idea if you don't live beyond your paycheck (like we do). I really hope that it works for you, it is definitely a great idea!

It would be great for you to start a budget blog....I would definitely follow it ;o). I kept my blog public so that I have that accountability, I really think that it is necessary to keep my husband and I on track. But, I have the link to my profile taken off my "normal" blog, and also have this blog hidden (on my profile), in case someone did happen to stumble across my profile. The only way people will find me is if they are true stalkers. Haha. Or they happen to visit the same sites I do.

Good luck to you!

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