Saturday, June 13, 2009

Save $$$ on Cell Phones

I worked, for a brief period of time, for a company who works with Verizon Wireless. I was told that, and it worked for us, that if you are a loyal customer (longer than one year) you will qualify for a loyalty plan. Last July when I called, it took a little prodding to get the customer service representative to let me know of the deal, but when she did I was extremely pleased with the results. We lowered our monthly bill by over $20. Just mention you are thinking of switching providers if you don't reduce your monthly expenses, and you should be headed in the right direction.

The only thing that we "lost" was a slight decrease in out allotted monthly minutes. This did not affect my husband and I because we NEVER use the minutes. We have Verizon because they have free in-calling and that is pretty much all we do (plus the best coverage area).

I don't know if all cell phone providers have this available, but it is definitely something to check out if you are interested in saving some money each month.

Verizon also offers "employee discounts". Many employees (especially if you work for a company who uses Verizon Wireless) can receive a discount. We save 20% off our calling plan each month because of my husbands job. Again, definitely something to look into.

Let me know how much you saved, and if it works for other cell phone providers. Good luck!

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