Saturday, June 13, 2009

Monthly Budget

This is our average monthly budget, I will describe details below.

Bills Monthly Expenses
Amount Due

$70.00 $0.00
Credit Card #1
$15.00 $497.47
Personal Loan
$174.00 $3,523.07
Vehicle Loan
$663.00 $18,993.75
Credit Card #2
$39.00 $611.99
Credit Card #3
$0.00 $3,642.48
Gas (Vehicle)
$30.00 $0.00
Credit Card #4
$39.00 $1,411.77
Groceries $250.00 $0.00
$19.95 $0.00
$35.00 $0.00
Vehicle Insurance
$162.00 $0.00
Rent $500.00 $0.00
Student Loan $35.00 $8,291.84
Cell Phone
$80.00 $0.00

Totals $2,096.95 $35,862.91

Our average monthly income is $2,226.62. (*Please keep in mind, this amount is after taxes and our families health insurance, which is automatically deducted from my husbands bi-weekly paychecks.*)

Each of the credit cards are listed with their minimum payments as the monthly expense. We generally try to pay more than this amount each month, but do not "force" ourselves to pay more if we are in a pinch.

Just to clarify, I place everything purchased at a store into our groceries section. This includes: diapers, toiletries, formula, etc....

Before I get anyone saying, "You don't need to have the internet.", my husband's work pays for this amount. The amount given back to us, monthly, is already figured into the monthly average income.

We do not have a house phone, so having access to a working cell phone is important to us. Especially with me being pregnant with our second child. We have reduced our monthly payments to the bare minimums (did you know that you can save even more on your cell phone bills, click here). When one of our two cell phones will be out of contract (in April) we are planning on canceling one and keeping the other because my husbands work provides him with a work phone. He is able to use this for personal use, so we figure this will be a great way to save a little extra money each month.

If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate your comments. I have done a lot of research on budgeting and getting rid of debt, but I am sure that I do not know all there is to know. Please help ;o)

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