Saturday, June 20, 2009

Re: Comment from Rosie (Part 4)

"suggestion #1) See if there is a freecycle group in your area... its a Yahoo group... just search for freecycle and your general area (city, county, majo metropolitan area...). Freecycle works to keep unsable stuff out of landfills. People post items they are looking to get rid of as available for free on the site. They then pick someone from the responses to come and get it form them. You can also post wanted posts. You might have good luck with a double stroller and a breast pump, among other things.
#2) Consignment shops... do you have kid-to-kid in your area? LOVE that place and you can get a great deal. I bought a 2nd carseat there for JUST the cover for cheaper than Graco would sell and ship the cover to me.
#3) Check that blog often. Every Sunday she posts where the best prices on diapers are that week (and formula) and also posts when things go on a great sale online or in store.
Good luck getting ready for that 2nd baby!

haha... that should be "usable", not "unsable""

The above comments were left by Rosie, her blog can be found here.

Thanks for you great comments and suggestions. I have never heard of Yahoo Freecycle. I did look it up, but am waiting approval to join the group. I haven't really had a chance to look at the items available in our area.

We do not have a "Kid-to-Kid" in our area. We do have "Once Upon a Child", but in the past I have not found very good deals on the items within the store. Personally I think they are over priced for the used items they are trying to sell. I would rather spend $8 and get my son a new outfit (on sale) than spend $8 on a used outfit. I can see how you could get some deals on baby "equipment", but so far I have not been impressed.

I will have to add to my favorites and stop by regularly to find any deals. Thanks for the tip.

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