Saturday, June 20, 2009

Re: Comment from Rachel (Part 3)

"Do you have any friends you can borrow big stuff from? We actually borrowed both our cribs, the 2nd from my cousin who is done having kids- it is so nice and one we never could have afforded on our own.

I agree with Rosie's advice too and garage sales, I got a lot or baby stuff for my 2nd (after selling our 1sts) at garage sales- clothes, highchair, bouncy seat.... you could check with friends about this stuff too a lot of people have this stuff sitting around they don't use it, but don't want to get rid of it for good so borrowing might work good.

I'm a little obsessive about car seats so I would definetly budget for a new one, and I budgeted early for the convertible seat too, but my boys were both out of the carrier by 5-6months...if you have 'normal' size babies this might not be as important :)

Stroller- I have actually seen some doubles at sales too. We decided not to go with a double , but our boys are 3 years apart, I also wear the baby a lot in a baby carrier. Not sure if you're into that but you could always push the bigger one and wear the baby?- Although carriers can get expensive, especially when you see all the cute ones..

Highchair- So I think you said your oldest will be about 1 when the baby's born? Since it'll be several months before the baby is eating Maybe you could just your oldest a booster seat that straps to a kitchen chair when the baby starts food and then the baby could use the highchair- save money and space!

The breastpump is a big expense, I don't know how your bf experiences were with your first, so I don't really know. I had one similar to this when I worked with my first and they are necessary for fulltime work and pumping. I actually had a cheap one that I used for my 12 week maternity leave with my first- it died after about 12 weeks but worked great during that time. I bought the same one just to have with my 2nd but used it maybe a few times and he wasnt into the bottle at all so I stopped and he lived! (i REALLY WASN'T AWAY FROM HIM THAT MUCH)- sorry for the caps. I know there are some decent cheapy ones, I guess this is just depends on how much you'll need it, personally I don't think I could justify it as a SAHM who is mostly with the baby. I have actually seen these and other nice pumps at garage sales and at One week boutique (If you've never heard of it do a search and see if they come near you) You can buy new parts and they are fairly inexpensive so it would still be like new.

Sorry for writing so much. We pretty much set out to hardly buy anything new for #2 and did pretty well- I think the only thing was carseat, and a mattress cause the crib we got didn't have one- for that we just get the middle priced one from walmart. I would also start stocking up on diapers to save for the baby, you can always exchange them for different sizes if you end up with too many small ones."

The above comment is from Rachel, you can find her blog here.

Thank you so much for comments and suggestions!

Unfortunately, I don't really know any friends who are done with their cribs. Pretty much all of my friends had children within 6 months of my first. So, there children will still be using their cribs when I am in need of one. It is a lot of fun though to have so many friends with babies! ;o)

A new car seat is definitely one of my first priorities. My son was in a rear facing convertible car seat at 4-5 months, so I would anticipate my next one to follow the same pattern (although if he or she is a smaller baby that would be great too, haha). My plan is to buy the infant car seat, and then whenever the second baby is ready to go up in size, moving him or her to my son's current car seat, and then getting him a new one. The car seat I wanted to purchase for him when we upgraded was a forward facing seat, and unfortunately he was (and still isn't) not ready for that. So, ultimately I would like him to have this seat. The weight limit is higher, so I know that he will be able to stay in the seat longer, which is really nice.

Personally, I don't mind baby wearing. But, I know that my husband will not "wear" a baby. Thus, the reason for the double stroller. He is usually in charge of the baby when we are shopping ,etc while I am getting the things that we need. So, we put our son in the stroller and he just browses the aisles with Dad while I shop.

Are you familiar with the Fisher Price Space Saver Chairs? I purchased this high chair because it grows with your child, and should work until the child no longer needs a booster seat. The seat itself doesn't take up much room because it sits on the dining room chairs you already have. So, I would prefer to stick with this seat. Not only will it be used by my children, but I often watch other peoples children for extra money. Having more than one high chair is ideal.

I believe that a breast pump is a necessary expense because of all the issues I had with my son. First of all, he was jaundice so we were told to supplement with formula until the jaundice was gone (he had jaundice for more than a month, with stays in the hospital ,etc). Unfortunately, I didn't build up a very good supply of milk during the critical first couple of weeks (which is my fault because as a first time mom I didn't understand the importance). Then after I started nursing exclusively I was so sore. I had to stop nursing for a couple of days to heal, and during that time I would pump. I was only able to nurse my son for two additional months because I didn't have that initial supply of milk built up, and I would ideally like to nurse for 6 months or more.

Thank so much for you comments, and I appreciate all the feedback!

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