Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Current Debt / Budget

Hi Everyone! Again, I apologize for my eight day absence this last week. Things have been a little crazy, but hopefully I will be getting back on track.

We currently have $35,589.07 in debt (as of 6/30/09), which means that we paid off $273.84 since June 13th. You can find our previous balance here.

Zach and I have managed to increase our monthly income to $2,576.62 each month. You can find our previous monthly income here.

Below is our new budget, included in this budget is the changes that we wanted to make in our June Goals. You can find what changes we made here.

Bills Monthly Expenses

Electricity/Gas $70.00
Credit Card #1
Personal Loan
Vehicle Loan
Baby #2 (goal) $185.00
Credit Card #2
Church (goal) $177.66
Credit Card #3
Gas (Vehicle)
Credit Card #4
Groceries $225.00
Internet $19.95
Vehicle Insurance
Rent $500.00
Renter's Insurance $10.00
Student Loan $35.00
Cell Phone

Totals $2,459.61

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