Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Two Week Well-Baby Check Up

Jackson got to meet his doctor this afternoon. He weighs 7 lbs and is 20 inches long. Everything looked good as far as his two week well-baby check up, but Dr. Laureijs wanted to double check his bilirubin levels. So, we went back over to the DeWitt hospital (we called Grandma to help us because Zach had to work this afternoon) for a check, and Jackson's level was 15.4. This is higher than his last check, but still within a decent range. We have the biliblanket for another day, so Jack will spend one final night in that annoying light. He has another bilirubin check on Friday. I had to get a check x-ray to make sure I do not have a collapsed lung. I mentioned to Dr. Laureijs that I can not lay on my left side without pain in my chest. He could not hear anything when he listened to my lungs, so he decided to order the x-ray. He said that because Jack was pushing on my lungs (and MANY other organs) for nine months it could have easily created this problem. I should find out tomorrow what exactly is going on, so we shall see. Jack got to meet his Great-Aunt Chanda this evening, she is home from Denver for Thanksgiving and her birthday.

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