Sunday, September 28, 2008

First Signs of Contractions

Starting last night (I guess it was this morning) about 1:30 am, I started having contractions. So...not only was I not able to get comfortable enough to sleep (which is unfortunately normal for me) but I felt like something was tightening around my bladder. I also had a pain in the left side of my back, it felt like a knife was stuck in there and was being twisted around. That was the unbearable part, thank goodness it only lasted for about 5 minutes (that ended at 1:50 am). Today has been alright (really tired), but am still having the occasional contraction and quite a bit of drama. I would love to be in labor, but I know that it is too soon for the little, I will just have to stick with it. I am sure that everything is all worth it in the end. Oh, we also got little Jack's crib and mattress ordered last night! I am so excited, to have this done. Special thanks to Nana and Pop Pop for the wonderful gift! Now I just can't wait until I can get everything set up. I think the nesting phase is close at hand (not for doing the dishes honey, but anything baby related, lol!).

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