Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does a good smoothie exist?

So, I kind of feel bad. Tonight, Zach and I went on a mission....I just had to have a strawberry smoothie, I had been waiting all day for him to get back from training so I could have this "treat". If we had been back in Iowa we would have been able to get a DELICIOUS smoothie within 20 minutes, but Utah just does not have the same quality. Zach got "home" (this hotel room is our temporary home), I asked him to take me to the gas station to get a strawberry smoothie/slushy...I was not picky. We stopped at the first one, but they only had mixed slushies...like strawberry and banana, yuck! Went to the next gas station, and yet again no luck. Well, we bought something but I threw it out the window, it was disgusting! On, and on, and on, this went until I suggested Zach stop by a restaurant (I was hoping for a Cheddar's but that is just a local thing). He went in and got a virgin strawberry daiquiri (can not drink when you are pregnant :(, lol). Unfortunately by this point I did not want the strawberry smoothie/slushy/daiquiri. Sorry honey for all the frustration, but.....your baby wanted something with strawberries!

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