Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Spend That Cash!

We spent a LOT of money yesterday. Especially for a no spend month, can you guess how much?

If you guessed $136, then you would be right.

I know, I know....please wipe that look of shock off your face. :)

You see, we also have another goal for this year: spend money on no more than 100 days. This is proving to be quite the challenge.

So, when Hubs said he wanted to take me to Texas Roadhouse for my birthday dinner, I knew I had to stop at the grocery store and pay the plumber (our water heater broke, and needed to be replaced).

That brings our total to $179/$250.

I knew our expenses would be slightly higher than our previous no spend month because my birthday with thrown in there, but I did not anticipate replacing the water heater.

Oh well, I am still quite hopeful that we will be near our $250 goal. It will be a challenge, but we plan to give it our best shot!

How are you doing on your no spend month? Am I the only one out there?


  1. SO far for this year I have been doing good on not spending money. We have just brought grocery

    1. Great job! I have been keeping a spread sheet of spending, and that has helped me a lot!

  2. Yes - you are the only one! lol Just kidding...I am technically doing a no spend month because I have no money to spend! It just kinda worked out like that since I missed a lot of work to visit home :P



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