Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Spend Month

We have entered our 3rd no spend month!  YEAH!

Hubs and I have restricted our spending to no more than $250 for the month, which is only about 25% of our variable spending during any other month.

It will be a challenge, but let's see how we do!

Here is an update on the last couple of days, I will try my best to update daily...but, things do get a little crazy around here. :)

1/1 - $0
1/2 - $15 (ice cream sundae toppings, ice cream, cheeries, milk)
1/3 - $28 (christmas presents, bread, bacon, soda)

So far, our total is $43/$250.  That number is higher than I would like, but....hopefully we will have no need to run to the grocery store for a while!

Although, I just remembered we are out of potatoes....oh well, meals will get creative this week! :)

Was the $43 ONLY for necessities,!  But, I justify the expenses.  The $15 was spent on an ice cream "date" with some good friends of ours (I fed 10 people ice cream sundaes for $15!).

Secondly, in order to comply with my goal for 2013, I have begun Christmas shopping with rewards/giftcards....all of which I got for free!  I have purchased 4 gifts, so far, and I have only spent $0.40 on gifts.  AWESOME! Oh, and I still have $29 in rewards/giftcards to spend on future gifts!  I will be shopping!!!  :)

And, the bacon is for my favorite Daddy!  He loves bacon wrapped little smokies, and I am making him some for our Christmas get together this Saturday!

Are you doing a no spend month?  Will you join me?  It's not too late!

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