Monday, August 20, 2012

Today is the day!

Today I get to meet my 3rd baby!

I woke up around 5am, I couldn't sleep.  I was nervous, excited, anxious...a whole mix of emotions.

Jack apparently snuck out to the living room to snuggle with Byga.  I tucked him back into bed, I am glad I got to see him before I left for the hospital.  :)

At 5:15am, I hopped in the shower.  At 6am I called the hospital to make sure they had an available room for our induction.  They did!  I finished packing up the car and getting ready, and we left the house at 6:36am.  Yes, I remember the exact minute.  Lol.

We arrived at the maternity floor at 7:35am after quite the long walk.  Apparently we parked in the best possible location, but we missed the elevator to take us up to the maternity floor.  So we walked around the building, finally asking the receptionist where the elevator was....and she pointed us in the right direction.  :)

At 7:40am, Nurse Jen hooked up the external fetal monitor.  But, Mr. Eli moves around too much, so I am having to press the monitor into my stomach.  My arm is tired by 8am.  Lol.  Nurse Jen lets me know the Dr. S will hook up an internal monitor when she breaks my water.

Around 8:15am, Dr. S stripped my membranes, broke water, and hooked up internal monitors.  Ouch!  At this time, I am dilated to 4 cm.

8:45am rolls around and Nurse Stacy puts in my IV.  She got it on the first try!  This is a miracle.  Apparently my veins are a pain in the butt!

My love/hate relationship with pitocin is "on again" when they add it to my IV at 9:50am.  I asked Nurse Jen if I could just have my epidural now....but she said no.  Apparently they want to see "consistent labor patterns" before they will give me the good stuff.  What a load of crap!  ;o)

Consistent labor began, and at 10:30am I requested an epidural and headed to the bathroom.  The anesthesiologist (Jenn) (PS - I am loving all these Jenn's helping me with labor and delivery!  :)) entered the room at 11:15am, and I swear she had a halo above her head.  :)

And, we are, to the present.  :)  Zach is currently being oh so helpful.  See...

LOL!  But, I don't mind.  I have my epidural and all is well with the world again.  We will meet you soon little man.  I am off to rest.  :)

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