Thursday, July 19, 2012

No Spend Month

Our 2nd annual no spend month has come to an end.  Well, it comes to an end in 40 minutes...but, everything around here is closed so I think we are good.  :)

$243.13/$125 is what we spent on our no spend month.  Yeah...I know, we are over.

It was so easy to keep spending once we were over.  But hey, I am still happy.  We spent about 1/3 the amount we would have normally AND we were able to accomplish all our goals. :)

Three credit cards are now paid off, which means we have ZERO credit card debt.  :)  AND we are purchasing a 42 in flat screen tv for above our fireplace.  Z is happy!  Lol.

How is your no spend month going?  Are you on track to stay under budget, unlike us?  Any one signing up for an August no spend month?


  1. We didn't do a no spend month, but we are in our 7th month of the Dave Ramsey plan. We have paid off all of my student loan debt, and this month we will pay off my car completely. That will be my first and last EVER car loan... I never knew the burden a car loan puts on you, and I do not wish to ever have that burden ever again. I can't wait to scream "we are debt free!!". It feels so good to "live like no one else now, so we can live like no one else later".

    Congrats on no credit card debt and being able to buy a flat screen :-)

    1. We don't finance vehicles either, it is such a waste! :) Way to go! You and Sean are doing awesome! :) We still have Z's student loan, and our house...but, otherwise we are "debt free". Next goal is the student loan, I hate that thing!

  2. we are dave ramsey lovers. Did finance a vehicle last year. We were given 2 blessings with 36 hours noticed. Needed a vehicle then. But other than that we are debt free and I love it


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