Friday, July 13, 2012

Definite Arrival Date

I had my OB appointment yesterday!

Everything looks great with Mommy and baby.

I came into the appointment with a list of reasons (excuses, really) to by induced on 8/17 (because I am a freak and want my kids birthdays to "line up".  Jack 11/15, Ady 11/16, and Eli 8/17.).  Turns out I didn't need my list, because she didn't even need to hear my plea.  She simply said she is not allowed to induce more than a week before the due date, but would gladly induce me on 8/20.  OKAY BY ME!  :)

So, it isn't 8/17...but 8/20 is sounding a lot better than 8/27 at this point.  We are getting closer!

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