Monday, April 16, 2012

Bad Little Bug!

Last night, we put Ady to bed.  Tucked her in, gave her a baby, kissed her little baby head.....and then, not 5 minutes later she started crying (which is REALLY unusual for her, she generally falls to sleep quite easily).

So, I walked up there to check on her.  She was sitting in her rocking chair, crying her little eyes out.  I calmed her down, and asked what was wrong.  A bug hurt her, she said.  :(  Poor baby was so scared of this little fly that was flying around her room.  She would jump back into my arms whenever the bug came too close.

I called Daddy in (the expert bug killer), and had him deal with exterminating the bug (which didn't actually happen because the bug disappeared shortly after Z entered the room).  So, we retucked her in, gave her a baby, and kissed her little head, and all was happy in the world that revolves around Ady.  :)

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