Friday, February 17, 2012

Madelyn's Birthday Story

I posted Jack's birth story back in December, so I thought I should do the same thing for my Ada!  :)

I will say, I don't recall all the little events, but I am sure we will all get the idea.  I really should have written it out right after, like I did Jacks.....but, what can I say, life with 2 is a bit busier.  :)

November 15th - We celebrated Jack's 1st birthday!  A trip to Happy Joe's (I had taco pizza....which, I truly believe is the reason I delivered on the 16th....what I failed to mention in Jack's birth story is that I had Happy Joe's taco pizza at lunch the day before Jack was born!), presents and ice cream at my parents house, and lots of fun!  Jack has his first ever sugar cone, and he LOVED it!  Anyway, after a full day of festivities, Hubs and were relaxing...getting ready for an early bedtime.  I texted Charley (the woman I was baby-sitting for at the time) to let her know we were still a go for tomorrow's baby-sitting....and then quickly fell asleep.

November 16th @ 8 am - I woke up.  Really needing to go the bathroom.  I took 2 steps and immediately remembered the feeling I had when my water broke with Jack.  I whispered, oh shit and waddled to the bathroom.

8:10 am - While still in the bathroom (I was in a total state of shock!) I texted Charley to let her know that I would be unable to watch Makenna today.... because I was in labor!  She quickly texted back and said "good luck!"  I still feel bad, to this day, that I had to cancel on her.  Not that I could have really done anything about it, but still!

8:15 am - Called The Group to let them know my water had broken.  They instructed me to come to their office, which I thought was really stupid because HELLO!  I AM IN LABOR!

8:20 am - I woke up Zach with the news that I was in labor, and instructed him to call his boss and help me get everything ready.  :)

8:25 am - I called my Mom.  She was in charge of watching Mr. Jackers this time around.  She couldn't believe it, but rushed over pretty quickly, considering.  We all know my Mom is not the fastest person in the world.

8:30 am - I get in the shower, again to shave my legs.  Lol.

8:40 am - Zach is in the shower, while I am finishing packing my over-night bag.

8:45 am - Jack wakes up.  He is so sweet, poor little dude had no idea what was going on.  :(

9 am - My Mom arrives.  I give her my notes book on how to take care of Jack, his schedule, where things are, etc.  I am a freak.  I admit it.  :)

9:10 am - I kissed my little baby good-bye and held back tears.  My life was changing for the 2nd time in just over a year.  Yikes!

9:15 am - Hubs and I head to the car.  Next stop, The Group!

9:45 am - We arrive at The Group, and get seen right away.  Fastest service I have ever had!  We were checked by Kim Wiseman (I believe.), and she verified we were indeed in labor and sent us to the hospital. I wish they would have just believed me and sent me directly to the hospital, but whatever.

10:15 am - We arrived at the hospital.  I had remembered to send in our pre-registration, so check in was a breeze.

10:30 am - The first coincidence happened, I was put in the same room I delivered Jack in only 366 days before.  It was crazy.  Then I find out the same midwife will be delivering Ady!

10:45 am - I resist pitocin because I believe it was the reason labor was so difficult for me with Jackers.  They convinced me that it was in my best interest, so I agreed.

1 pm - Labor has been progressing well, but I am starting to be in a LOT of pain.  I ask for an epidural.  The nurse tells me the anesthesiology is in surgery, so it will be a while until he is able to see me.  She asks me if this is alright, I ask her if I have a choice.  Lol.  She says no.  So, I continue to suffer for another hour or so.

2 pm - The anesthesiologist arrives.  And guess what?  It was the same anesthesiologist I had with Jackers.  I liked him a lot better this time around.  :)  I was sitting up, leaning on Zach's chest while he was doing the epidural.  I was in so much pain, I couldn't stand it.  The tears were flowing.  The funny thing?  After we were done with the epidural Zach had a wonderful tear stain on his crotch.  HAHA!  It was hilarious.  I was laughing through the pain at this point....but, luckily the epidural kicks in quick.  :)

2:15 pm - I was feeling pretty good at this point.  I called my Mom to check on Jackers (he was totally fine!) and then I got a call from my Dad.  I don't know what it is about my Dad, but he always has this ability to make me cry....just for saying the sweetest things.  See, I am crying now (2 years later) just thinking about it.  He said good luck and that he loved me, and to be sure to have Ady before 7 pm because he wanted to watch "House".  Yes, people, this is my Dad.  :)  I told him I would try, and hung up the phone to get some rest.

2:30 pm - I realize my husband is a nervous/bored eater.  Lol.  Over the last 3-4 months I had been stashing away snack size crackers/cookies/etc for him (and I!) to be able to enjoy at the hospital.  Plus all our spare change.  Guess what?  He ate almost all the snacks, he was smart enough to stay away from my goldfish, and purchased several things with our spare change.  Poor guy.  :)

3 pm - We flip on HGTV to pass the time.  I am just resting.  However, I never fall asleep.

4:30 pm - I start to think it is time to start pushing.  The mid-wife resists and doesn't think it is time yet because they had just check me at 4 and I still had 2 cm to go.  I think she is nuts.  But, what does she do?!?  She starts talking to Zach about HGTV and all the projects she is currently working on in her home.  I was not happy.  All I wanted to do at this point was get her OUT of my stomach and into my arms.  HGTV was the last thing on my mind.

5:15 pm - I finally convince the nurse to check me, and when she does...she realizes that YES, in fact I am ready to push.  They start getting everything ready, and calls the mid-wife.

5:45 pm - The mid-wife AND a student doctor arrive.  Kim, the mid-wife, asks if it is alright if the student doctor delivers the baby.  I said sure, at this point I didn't even care.  I was just ready to be done.

5:45 pm - We started actively pushing, and overall it went a lot more smoothly than Jack's delivery.  Maybe it is because I knew what I was doing....I don't know.  But, it was better.

7:04 pm - Ady is born!  She came out screaming and ready to join the world.  Eyes wide and everything.  :)

Welcome to our family, Madelyn Grace!

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