Friday, December 23, 2011

My First Shopping Trip

I forgot to mention, we are starting our resolution early.  The only reason, you ask?  Because Hubs gets paid the week before New Year's and a week after.....we figured we should start early, rather than late.  :)

This afternoon, I did my first "healthy" shopping trip.  I was nervous.  I was feeling slightly overwhelmed, and nervous about finding the right foods for our family and if my little kiddos would even eat the stuff I was making.

I pushed those nervous feelings aside and rolled into Wal-Mart (we do not have ANY options around here, in fact I had to drive 45 minutes just to get to a Wal-Mart).  I started in the beverage section, in search of an organic luck.  Do you have any suggestions?

Then I moved to the dairy section in search of organic yogurt.  SCORE!  Now, I just have to see if my babies like it.  :)  Soy milk was also on my list, so I picked one a cartoon (vanilla).

I picked up a organic, gluten free snacks.....and Kashi cereals.  Then I grabbed a couple bags of frozen fruits and vegetables before I proceeded to the produce section.  I purchased our usual fruits and vegetables (in a larger quantities) and a few new flavors to try.

I didn't really expect to find soy based cheese and vegetable hot dog.  I picked these up, and hoped they tasted alright.  :)

It was about $50 more to purchase these items compared to my usual grocery shop, however I didn't have any coupons.  So, once I know the brands I will be purchasing I can start collecting the coupons to lower our cost.

Wish us luck!

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