Thursday, October 6, 2011

Day 1: My Relationship Status

Us, shortly after we started dating.  We were "test models" for my Dad's photography business.

Now, I am sure you are looking for more detail about my relationship status.  :)

My husband, Zach, and I have been married since 2008.  We started dating only 6 months prior to our marriage, but when you know, right?

Marriage is work.  Don't let anyone tell you differently.  Each day you have to wake up and work to keep your marriage going.  The little things matter, just remember that.

For example the other day, I woke up before my husband (couldn't sleep).  I showered, got dressed, and was wondering around the house.  I got the idea to run to the local gas station and by him a donut and a french vanilla coffee. He rarely purchases either item, but he loves them.....and it was certainly a great surprise.

It brightened his day, and then he spent the next day or so doing things to help me.  It was lovely.

What is your relationship status?  Are you going to join me on my 30 Days About Me journey?

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