Friday, July 8, 2011

Day #5, 6, 7, and 8 of our No Spend Month

Okay, so in my original rules.....I was going to include medical expenses in our $100, but I have realized that is not possible.  So, I am not including medical.  Easy enough, right?  :)

I purchased a bag of Skittles for my brave little boy on Wednesday.  He was tested for juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  It runs in my family, and he has been complaining about pain in his feet.  Poor boy.  The way to test is blood work, and they had to poke him 2 times because his veins "rolled" (like his Mommy's veins).

Anyway, he deserved some Skittles.  They cost me $1.06.

So, our total so far for the month of July is $2.55.

We are almost out of, I know we will need to spend some money this weekend.


  1. Awww my poor jackaroo :(  Test results?

  2. I agree he deserves skittles, that is hard

  3. Thanks for stopping by...You can check out who I follow....most are Antiquers...and creative spirits...
    Good Luck on your move...hope you like it here...
    Love to Ya...
    Barb C.


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