Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Our Bathroom Closet

I told you yesterday I was going to show you the inside of my bathroom closet.  You all are probably wondering, "what the heck do I want to see that for?!?!"  And you are right, you probably don't.  But, I wanted to document how TINY our living space is right now.

Maybe you have some tips for me, or maybe you are looking for some tips yourself.  

I am always looking for new uses for things, diaper boxes.....I use those CONSTANTLY!  I recently cut the top off one and am now using it in the back of my car to keep our lawn chair/stroller upright, as well as hold a picnic blanket.

There are things that can be re-purposed all around you, just look.  :)

Without further adieu, here is our bathroom closet.

I just recently purchased this clear shoe organizer to hold all our medications and stock pilled bathroom items.  The top row is for things we do not use often: extra toothbrushes, thermometer, nasal aspirator, etc.  The second row is adult medications, third row is child medications.  Rows 4, 5, and 6 are all for stock pilled items.

See, I told ya I didn't clean it up!  :)  The top shelf is all extra stuff we are not currently using, but want to keep.  A storage shelf (not shown in the picture).  The 2nd shelf holds extra toiletries and medications.  3rd shelf is towels and potty (which I use my son would USE!).  The 4th shelf is towels, and a set of drawers which holds q-tips, nail clippers, etc.  The 5th shelf is all stock pile, primarily laundry detergent.  And finally, the floor.  I have diapers, toilet paper, baby wipes, crutches (yes, I know CRAZY, but we currently don't have a place to put them that the kids can't get into).

And finally, our closet has this small extra space, and, at first, I wasn't sure what to do with it.  So, I put dry wall hooks up and hung these baskets.  They hold our wash clothes and hand towels.  Even the top one hold a Halloween pumpkin.

Don't judge, lol.  I told you I was working with a small space.

What creative ways have you organized your small spaces before?  Any tips for me?  Did I help you?  :)


  1. I also re used boxes too.


  2. this is a neat smart idea to use the shoe rack, I have used them for craft ideas and such before


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