Friday, April 1, 2011

Know Your Expenses

Onto valuable tip #4........

Yes, I am sure you all know how much your cable bill will be each month, or your cell phone......but, do you really know how much "life" costs?

For example, my husband and I are currently in the process of purchasing a home (however, there are NO homes we like in the area), I sat down one afternoon and figured out how much it would cost to replace nearly everything in the home.  Planning for every contingency.

I am sure I forgot a few items (and you you know some, let me know!), but I feel much more prepared knowing the I need to be able to afford an extra $200 a month (plus whatever extra a mortgage would be) in order to REALLY afford a home.

Are you liking this series?  What should I change?  Any tips?  E-mail or leave a comment.  :)  (

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