Monday, November 29, 2010

200 Bonus Points If You Can Understand This

Over the last several days, I have been blogging.  I just haven't been able, willing I suppose, to click publish.

This site is my own personal journal, and I am truly grateful for each and every person who takes time out of their busy and hectic lives to read what I have to say.

But, sometimes it is best not to actually share the thoughts that are running through your head.

I don't normally "bite my tongue", as many of you know....but, I have decided to finally take that common saying to least in certain areas of my life.

For example, the other day my husband and I had a minor disagreement and I blogged about.  However, I didn't click publish...because I knew that he wouldn't like the whole world reading what we are arguing about.

And yesterday, I wrote a blog post about other people.  I don't feel the need to know about other peoples privates lives, especially when it doesn't involve me.  But, I was brought into a conversation because of my assumed involvement and I was not happy about it.  I have since called this person and spoke to them, at length, about this issue.  Everything seems to be fine, we will see.

But, I guess the point of this post is to tell you that I am "growing" as a person.  Before I had no qualms about writing out my life story, good and bad....but, know I am going to take a step back and think about how what I am writing really effects the person the blog post happens to be about.

That doesn't mean I won't share with you all the trials and tribulations (as well as the JOY!) of my just means that I am going to try and "man up" and speak to this person directly as well.

Anyway, I am sure none of this made any sense to anyone but myself....but, I had to get it out there.

Thanks for listening, and I will be back to blogging, regularly, this week.

Hope y'all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  :)


  1. I totally understand where you are coming from. I used to do the same thing on a chat board I was on and Hubby would get mad b/c I was tell everyone one everything. So now I tell people what I want to share and keep the rest to me. I had a friend who blog about internet people share to much info and don't think about it first. Which is so True.

    I had a great Thanksgiving. I hope you had a good one too.

  2. It totally makes sense! My blog would be completely different if it was anonymous, but I have to hold back a lot of my thoughts.

  3. I totally get what you're saying! I've been growing in this area as well. Sometimes you can share things innocently and it backfires. It's a painful journey, but we'll both be better people in the end, eh? =)

  4. we really do have to think before we something will affect someone, etc.

    It's hard to find that balance, especially when your blog is about your life.


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