Friday, October 15, 2010

What's Going On In My Head  My eye sight is getting bad!  I have to magnify EVERYTHING in order to read it.  Remind me that I need to make an appointment for the eye doctor.  Thanks!  :)


We have a fun and relaxing weekend planned, and I am so excited.  Saturday (around noon) we will be heading to Peoria, IL for a little hotel stay at our favorite hotel.  :)  Swimming, pizza, a few drinks = relaxation!  All of us can't wait!

We are also excited to be able to spend some extra time with The Teenager and my sister, Lauren.  Lauren is attending school near Peoria, and LOVES when we come to visit.


On Monday, I am scheduled to have a colonoscopy.  Without getting into too much detail (because who really wants to know, lol), I have been having painful bowel movements since giving birth to Ady.  My primary care physician thinks it is hemorrhoids, but wants a colonoscopy to be sure with my family history of chron's disease and other autoimmune diseases.  I am sure I will know more by the end of next week (and maybe even Monday....but, I am not sure how much detail the doctor will get into right then and there), and I will be sure to let all of you know.

I know this is a pretty standard procedure, but I am still not looking forward to it.  I am too young to be falling apart, lol.


And just in case you needed an Ady fix before the week, here she is!

She went into our bedroom with me this afternoon and spotted Daddy's hat....and she just had to have it!  I am happy to report that 2 hours later, she is still wearing it.  :)  What a little cowgirl.

Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. hoping you colonoscopy comes out clear

  2. Thank you so much!


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