Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Under Construction

Just so you know, as if you can't tell, my blog is under construction.

I am never satisfied, lol.  So, change is constant around here.

Remember when I mentioned I loved what Jessica did with her blog?  Well, she was kind enough to share the web-site with me.

I have been looking through backgrounds and layouts for hours, and I am still not sure what I am going to do.

But in the process of deciding what to do, I totally messed up my "old" blog (like, I deleted everything!).  So, I got this one ready to go....for now anyway.

A lot of the templates look similar, aside from color changes, so it was hard to decide which one.

I don't want a lot of color because I include pictures on most all my posts, and I don't want the background to take away from the image (like my previous blog layout did, in my opinion).

Anyway, my point of sharing this (I get easily side-tracked).  I added different templates to my blog throughout the night.

Just to mess with it, make it my own, etc.  All to see if it would work for me.

I am still up in the air.

With this particular layout, I lose Disqus.  Which I am a little sad about because I love being able to easily reply to comments.  But, I have heard that Disqus is a real pain for a lot of people.  So, maybe it is a good thing that I can no longer have Disqus.

How do you feel about Disqus?  What ideas do you have for my blog?


  1. I like the new layout! The lighter background is easier to read.

    Admittedly, I like disqus as a blogger, since I can reply more easily to people, BUT as a reader, it is a pain in the ass because it doesn't always work. Tough call on that one!

  2. Love disq, i wonder why it will not let you use it. i love the header


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