Monday, May 17, 2010

May Weekend

First of all, I shouldn't have waited so long to blog.  I have so much to say.  This might be a LONG post.


We had a fantastic weekend.  It was a little busy, but overall a lot of fun.

Friday we went to the mall and got Ms. Ady's ears pierced.  She did wonderfully.   No tears!

While we where at the mall Jackers had his first soft pretzel, and he is in love.  :)

Of course, while we were there I couldn't resist a little shopping.  How can you not shop while at a mall?!?!

After how couple hour trip through the mall, we went to TGI Friday's to see our favorite waitress Brittanie.  It was a blast.

However, we forgot our leftovers in the car.  We were seriously disappointed.  :(

After dinner we picked up the Teenager for a little sleepover.  He just likes to come over and eat our food. on to Saturday.  Zachy had to work, unfortunately.  But, the Teenager and I had a blast with the kiddos....and watching the history channel.  :)

Then in the evening I ran to go grocery shopping, before coming home to enjoy the evening.

Sunday was a pretty chill day for us.  We spent some time outside, loving the warmish weather.  And, of course, we did laundry.  Because that is what we do every. single. Sunday.


And that brings us to today, where we took the kiddos in for their wellness check up.

Both are as healthy as can be!

Ady weighs 17lbs, and Jack is 30lbs.

I found it funny that both of my kids are exactly the weight.  No .2 or .3...just 17.0 lbs.

I find the funniest things entertaining.


Do you celebrate half birthdays?  I do, I know I am weird.

But, both of my kiddos celebrated half birthdays over the weekend. Jack is 1.5 years old and Ady is .5 years old.  :)

We got Jackers a basketball hoop.  Which he loves!  (Ady got her ears pierced, in case you were wondering what we got her)

Especially when Uncle Timmy shoots hoops with him.

Z and the Teenager played "knee ball" while Jack was giggling away.  Watching them get rug burn.  He was probably thinking, "when will they ever learn?".

I will post some pics and videos of the basketball hoop soon.  I used a different camera, and need to find the cord.  :)


 That's all for now.  Hope you enjoy reading about my super exciting life!

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