Saturday, April 24, 2010

Yep. It's Time.....

Tomorrow I get serious, yet again, about this weight loss stuff.

I am not sure how I feel about it.

I know I want to look nice for Britt's wedding in October, but....well, I am just plain lazy.

The warming weather, although you couldn't tell by the forecast today, has inspired me to get serious.

Back in January, when I tried to lose weight before, I just jumped right in...and I think this is were I messed up.

So, this time I am creating a time line. Hopefully one that will work for me and my weight loss goals.

Wk #1: Exercise two times & drink 32 oz of water.

Depending on how Wk #1 goes, I will add additional goals for Wk #2. I will add things like: more workouts, extra water, and eliminating different foods.

How do you lose weight? Are you starting one this journey too?

Because if you are, let me know. I need the support. I want people to randomly e-mail/call/text to keep me accountable (and I 'd do the same for you).

You see, I can easily lie to myself. Saying, "oh, you can start tomorrow" or "soda isn't that bad for you". Yep. I am only hurting myself, and I desperately need to break this cycle.

So, will you help me?

You can e-mail me @ if you are interested in being weight loss buddies :). I really hope you do, someone needs to kick my ass into gear.

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