Monday, March 15, 2010

Toys R Us

Dear Toys R Us,

Do you miss me or something?

I normally love receiving your e-mails full of discounts and free shipping, but 5 e-mails in one night....seriously?

That's enough to drive a person mad! Lol....once a week is about the perfect amount.

Just so you know, sending 5 e-mails isn't going to encourage me to shop. Trust me, I don't need the encouragement.

You should know, I am probably within the Top 10 Best Customers (as in, spending a ton of money!) category.

I love your store, but I don't need anything right now (can you believe that?!?!?)....thank you. I will be sure to shop at your stores, or on-line, in the near future.....don't you worry.

Your Loyal Customer - Jenn

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