Friday, March 5, 2010


....I am tired.

Physically and mentally.

I am running on a short fuse. I am not quite sure what it is.
  • the early morning wake up call from Ady and Jack
  • a seriously teething toddler, who only wants his Mommy
  • the tears that come when I have to put him down (you know, to feed his sister....I wouldn't even dream of putting him down to go to the bathroom. Only take time away from him for the important stuff) His tears truly break my heart.
  • the fact that my "new" car will not be ready until next week (I am tired of waiting!)
  • our small seems to be closing in on me
  • the fact that the temperature (inside) is 8 degrees higher than I would like it, and even with the windows open the thermostat does not go down
  • or maybe it's because I just didn't get a good nights sleep last night.
Who knows?

I'm sorry for all who are reading this......yes, I am complaining. I have to do that once in a while, but I do apologize that it had to be you, this time, to listen to me rant. (My husband thanks you, haha).

Okay, I am better. I took a deep breath, got it off my chest, and I am ready to go back out into the, the living room and continue on with my day.

Thanks for listening.

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