Tuesday, March 9, 2010

"Lazy" Mondays

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday, I had every intention of posting.....but, I never got around to it.

Instead, I rearranged my living room. I have to say that I like it this way.

It gives Jacker's more room to play, and allows me to see him all the time, instead of the hallway being blocked because of the couch (the view that is, we aren't blocking access to the hallway, *grin*).

Anyway, Hubs isn't quite sure what to think of it....but, oh well. I will change it in a few weeks anyway.

Let's see....what else did I do (thoughtfully tapping my chin). Played with the babies, two loads of dishes, and made a very tasty dinner (if I do say so myself) for five.

We had the pleasure of having my Mom and Brother over for dinner....which is a common occurrence on Monday nights. We love "House"....so, we get together each week to watch it.

Oh, and I took about 200 pictures of my little angels, who could forget that! At what age do you finally get a good "family" picture? You know one that each of the kiddos are looking at the camera....and smiling! I am still waiting to capture that perfect shot....but, to tide me over I captured this one:

I should (please let this be the day) be picking up my new to me car this afternoon. I am super excited! You have no idea how much of a POS my current car is.

Well, anyway....this post is not very exciting. Haha. But, this is my life!

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