Monday, March 22, 2010

Advice for Tiger Woods....

....nah, it's not my place. Lol. He can live his life however he wants, but I truly feel sorry for his little family. Family is so important, and he just doesn't/didn't seem to realize this little tid-bit of information.

Since family (and friends!) is so important to me, I am going to tell you all about our plan for the day.....but first, here is what we did this weekend.

Friday: I went grocery shopping (joy!), does anyone like doing this? Then Z and I took the kiddos to dinner at TGI Friday's and to Target for a bit more shopping (as if I hadn't done enough that afternoon). After our little adventure out and about, we came home for bottles and cuddles. My absolute favorite time of day :).

Saturday: I (and Zach, thank you honey!) cleaned the house like mad! It was in desperate need of a deep cleaning, which I had been avoiding for a couple weeks. Our master bedroom was flooding (quite literally....can you tell I have been doing the "Shred"?) with laundry. Clean laundry, mind you, but laundry none the, the bulk of the day was spent folding laundry. I HATE FOLDING LAUNDRY (or hanging up laundry)! But, in the evening the excitement began! Jack and Ady had some friends over! Robbie and Bailey....such adorable little kiddos. Jackson had a blast playing with his friends. It was surprisingly easy to watch four children....all 21 months or younger. Yeah! A great time was had by all, and we would love to have them over anytime.

Sunday: We slept in!!! Until 11:30 (getting up with Ady at 8, but she fell back asleep), I was thrilled. I love sleep, and could probably sleep all day if it was quiet (which it never is) enough. After we got ready for the day, we went over to my parents do laundry. Seriously, it never ends. That is probably why I don't like laundry, it is constant! We worked around the house a bit, played with the kiddos, and had a fabulous fish dinner.

Isn't he the funniest kid?!?!

And that was our weekend :).

And here is the plan for today, be's a busy one.

At 9am we are leaving for "the big city" to get Jacker's some shoes for the baptism.

While we are down there, we are hitting up Monkey Joe's with Brandon, Brittanie, and Robbie!

After that, we are having lunch with Great-Grandma....and then our fun ends (after our lunch that is, just wanted to clarify).

Both kiddos are getting immunizations in the afternoon. Poor babies. It breaks my heart. I feel like crying, and if I did....I would be bawling even more than them. I have to be strong for my babies, lol.

So...that was what we did this weekend. What did you and your family do? How are y'all gonna spend this fabulous Monday morning?

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