Thursday, January 14, 2010

Day 8 and 9

Many of you may be wondering were I ran off too (at least I hope many of you are curious, lol).

Well, like I said before my little one has been sick, and life just finally caught up with me. I have SO many things to do, it is making my head spin. Mind you, all of my "busy-ness" is my fault, no one to blame but me.

Within the next 4 days we are having our 2nd and 3rd dinner party, which means having a spotless house. I don't know why I torture myself, I know they are not going to be in my bedroom closet....but, none the less it has to be clean.

Anyway, enough justifying my lazy-ness in is how days 8 and 9 broke down.

Day 8:

Food - Fairly decent, however there is always room for improvement.
Exercise - The 30 Day Shred.....I hate the DVD a litte less every time I do it. However, it is still incredibly challenging.

Day 9:

Food - Good. I would say it was my best day yet ;o).
Water - Practically non-exsistent. We ran a lot of errands, and went to a friends house for dinner. I don't know, when I am at a store I would rather purchase a soda if I am thirsty because I can't justify spending $1.50 for a simple bottle of water....when that same amount will pay for entire 5 gallon jug (well is $3.00). Not that I should really justify spending it on soda....but, you know what I mean.
Exercise - None, unless you count running errands....and playing with the kiddos.

I am hoping that today, Day 10, will be better. So far, I am not doing so well....but, I really need to recommit to this weight loss thing! I will be posting my stats/weight a little later (probably tomorrow) stay tuned!

How are things going for you? Any advice?


  1. I'm with you on the water thing! Some days I do well, other days I think I go the entire day with just one coke, no water!

  2. I think it is my body's way of telling me that I don't want to spend the entire day going to the bathroom. 64 oz is a LOT of water, so I go to the bathroom like every hour. Lol. Sorry if this is TMI, lol. But hey, it's the truth.


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