Monday, January 11, 2010

Date Night #1

Hubs and I went on our first day of the year, it was one of my goals....remember???

I have also decided that the restaurant/activity we do will be something that we (as a couple) have never done. So, we decided on a restaurant...the Cracker Barrel....that Z had never been too.

We both really enjoyed ourselves, and got a couple cute gifts for the kiddos and baby-sitter (Grandma =D).

Anyway, here are some photographs from our night out! I hope to do it again soon, and I have a great idea planned ;o). I can't wait!!!!

Hubs checkin' out the menu.

The "lantern" at our table ;o).

He can actually do this game! That means he is a genius, according to the game....way to boost his ego!

The decorations!

Our rings! (Yeah, I got a little camera happy while we were waiting for the food.)

When was the last time that you went on a date? What did you do? Did you talk about the kids, or is that an "off-limits" topic?

Can't wait to hear from you.


  1. We got out last night for our anniversary; first night out without the bean! My parents came up from the beach to sit.

    We just reconnected, talking about everything. It was SO nice. Now I have to find a regular sitter so we can make it regular!

  2. Beth,

    I am SOOOOO picky when it comes to baby-sitters. I have only left my kiddos with my Mom, and I don't foresee myself leaving them with anyone else in the near future. I am a nut ;o).

    Yeah for reconnecting! Z pretended that it was our first date, "so...what do you do? what is your favorite color" blah blah blah. Lol. It was actually quite cute!

    Thanks for commenting! ;o)

  3. I don't have the foggiest idea about how to go about finding a sitter, but my parents live over an hour away. And my mom doesn't drive, so that means my big, hulking, surly father has to come and leach my wireless while my saintly mother takes care of the bean. Yeah. If it hadn't been our anniversary we wouldn't have gone anywhere.
    Hence the reason I need to find SOMEONE I trust to leave him with in the future.

  4. Beth,

    Haha...."hulking,surly father". Sounds like my dad.

    You should check out
    I entered in Boston (I know that isn't exactly where you live) and they had over 35,000 baby-sitters listed on the site. You can narrow it down by your "qualifications". Otherwise, you can call a local church and ask if there are any teenagers looking for a baby-sitting gig. ;o)


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