Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Calorie Count

Calorie Count is a fantastic web-site, which I talk about briefly here, but I wanted to tell you in a little more detail about the site.

First, you create your account. Just input the normal account information that you would expect at any web-site, but also expect to enter your weight and general life style habits.

The website uses this information to create your daily calorie burn. Mine is 2110 a day. Basically what that mean is I will not gain any additional weight as long as I keep my calories under 2110 each day, however to lose weight I need to stay significantly below this number (to obtain my weight loss goals I should consume less than 1350 calories a day).

Next, you will enter your goal weight, mine is 150 lbs (less would be fantastic, but this is my ultimate goal). Once you have entered your goal weight, the program will calculate how long it will take you (they base this off of the daily calorie burn we talked about below)....or you can enter your desired time frame. If you choose to enter your desired time frame (I did...my goal is Dec. 31st, 2010) it will tell you how many calories you should eat each day in order to obtain your weight loss goals. For woman, you should not eat less than 1200 calories a day....and for men, no less than 1500 calories a day (the web-sites states this very clearly).

Once you have completed your account you will be able to track your daily calories in and out. It offers a wide database of foods and total calories burned during different activities.

For someone who loves to be on the computer each and every day this web-site is a great tool. It allows me to keep all my weight loss information in one place, and keeps me accountable. You should check it out, just click here.

Let me know if you like it.....what didn't you like?

P.S. - The picture shown above is from this web-site.

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