Wednesday, November 18, 2009

One Year Favorites

One Year Favorites

1. Walking around! I walk with a little bit of a "wooden leg", but it is cute none the less.
2. I love when Mommy growls at me, and chases me around the house! She is so funny.
3. I love to steal pillows and blankets from the couch, and "face plant" on the floor for nigh-night. Haha. It freaks Mommy out a little bit. ;o)
4. Being a big brother, Ady is starting to grow on me.
5. Barney! *The tv is usually on, but he rarely watches it. But, one day we saw Barney and stopped....he was glued to the tv.*
6. Playing "where is Jackers?". I love hiding from Mom and Dad, and then popping out for them to see me.
7. I loved Halloween, I got an awesome book, candy, and bowling set (Thanks Jerew's!). I was a very scary dinosaur.
8. Shaking my butt to the music. I also love cuddling with Mommy while listening to music, it is so much fun!
9. I always love being the center of attention!
10. Shaking my crib in the morning (or after nap) to wake Mommy and Daddy up ;o)

Look at the picture above, isn't he cute?!?!? ;o)

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