Saturday, October 10, 2009

September Goals Recap

This is how we did on our financial goals for the month of September. I would say that we did, okay. Of course there is room for improvement...however, we could have done a lot worse.
  1. Purchase all necessary items for Baby #2's arrival. I am going to say that this goal is complete. The only thing I need to purchase prior to her arrival is diapers (which of course is VERY important) ;o).
  2. Keep grocery budget under $217.00 for the month. We spent approximately $260 this month on groceries. While this is over our budget by $43, I feel pretty good about the amount we saved. We would have normally spent around $400 each month. I understand that reducing your budget is a process, and I hope to have this goal completed within the next month or two.
  3. Find additional ways to increase our income and reduce expenses. Our income has stayed about the same at this point, however my husband is scheduled to get a raise at the end of October, first part of November. We did however lower our monthly car insurance payment by around $23! Yeah for saving money!!!
  4. Get our bills at least 50% of the way caught up. Nope, yet again. We have not completed this goal. I had every intention of paying up all the bills with our next paycheck (since we will receive three in the month of October), however the replacement cost of the Blackberry is definitely putting a dent in our plans.
How did you do on your financial goals? What are your goals for the month of October?

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