Sunday, July 5, 2009

Re: Comment from Rosie (Part 5)

"I coupon. A few tips...
1) pull coupons that you know your going to use at the store out of your binder and into an envelope... put it with your cash or card that you'll be using for the trip.
2) if you find a deal at the store that we weren't planning on buying, but want to when you get there, pull the coupon when you put it in you
3)find a website or a blog that matches the sales to the coupons for you. Couponmom does it as do lots of blogs (that I know you've been to).

Good luck... its a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it it really can save you plenty of cash."

You can find Rosie blog here. (*We have had numerous conversations....just glance through the archives if you are interests) ;o)

Thanks for the great ideas. I will definitely start use web-sites such as couponmom, and other such web-sites in order to help me out. Thanks so much for the tip. Unfortunately, I try to shop as locally as possible (you know, support the small guy) and they are not listed on such sites. But, it is always good to know what deals you can get....and will definitely use if I make it to such stores.

Thanks again!

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