Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weekend Getaway

Our first weekend trip with little Jackers. He did really well in the truck! I was actually surprised that he made it all the way down to Missouri without any stops, and only one on the way back to Iowa. Zach's Mom, Dad, and Brother are going down for the 4th....but, unfortunately we already had plans when the trip was set up. Oh well, it was nice to be able to spend this weekend down there.

We went down to visit Zach's Grandma and Great-Grandma, his Great-Grandma had not had an opportunity to meet Jack until Saturday evening. She was so excited to see him, and Jack loved hanging out with her. It was really cute.

Jackson did well in a "strange" place, although he did not want to take a nap ALL day Saturday. By 8 o'clock he was exhausted, but there was still so much to see. We went out and shot off a couple of fireworks, and Jack really liked the ones that didn't make much noise....but, the big boom ones he could live without. This just confirmed to me that we are not going out to Grand Mound this year for the fireworks display. We will probably drive out to a gravel road and watch the action, but between the hot weather (more than likely) and the loud noises Jack would not do too well.

Speaking of the 4th.....I am so excited for my baby's first 4th of July. It is so fun to be with him when he experiences something for the first time! Especially now when he is able to communicate (a little bit) about what he likes and dislikes. I went out yesterday and picked up his 4th of July outfit....which took me forever to find! There are MILLIONS of adorable girl outfits, but only a handful of little boy's outfits. What is the deal?

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