Monday, June 15, 2009

Re: Comment from Rachel (Part 1)

"Hi I just found your blog from your comment on Adventures of breastfeeding Mother. I am always looking for new resources regarding finances. I tend to not be so organized with the budget, not sure why I really need to stick to one! My husband just graduated with his Master's and that leaves us both unemplyed right now so we are definetly looking for wasy to save (or make money).
I use cloth diapers and LOVE them, but probably wouldn't waste my time if I didnt' have my own washer either. Especially if you are about to have 2 young ones! :)

Good Luck!"

You can find her blog here.

Thank you so much for your comment, Rachel, and you have an absolutely beautiful family. "Adventures of a Breastfeeding Mother" is a site that I visit almost daily. I think it is a great source of inspiration, and that is something that I definitely need.

I am sorry that both you and your husband are unemployed. I hope that your situation turns around soon. Looking for work is work in itself. It is mostly emotionally draining because if you don't find something you feel bad; and if you do, you have that anticipation of waiting for hear back (which normally takes forever, haha).

I am glad to hear that you wouldn't use cloth diapers, if you didn't have a washer. I kind of expected a backlash from women who are all for cloth diapers. So, it's good to know that I am not alone ;o) Major props to you though for using cloth diapers, and it may be something to consider when I have children in the future, when we have a house....with a washer and dryer. Haha.

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