Friday, June 19, 2009

Haverhill Home Staging

As I mentioned in my previous post, found here, I would like to find a way to increase our monthly income. My husband and I have come up with several ways in order to do this.

First, he is starting a new part-time job this weekend. It is only for 8 hours a week, but will bring in about $350 extra each month! One of the benefits of his full-time job is going to expire in the fall, so we needed to come up with a way to supplement this loss of income.

Secondly, I have started taking Pine Cone surveys. Whenever I qualify for a survey, I earn $3. While it isn't much, it does bring in a little extra money each month. I have so far received $3. Yeah, I am rich. Haha. If you are interested in Pine Cone surveys, more information can be found here.

Thirdly, I have looked into other ways to make money while still staying home with our son. I came across Haverhill Home Staging, and I am very interested in the possibility. For less than one thousand dollars you become a certified home stager, with the possibility of the job with Haverhill following completion. There are several options as far as employement, such as full/part-time or "as needed". I think I would start off as an "as needed" employee, because I am pregnant with my second child and have a lot of doctor's appointments, etc. But, sometime next spring move to part-time. As a part-time employee you earn $24/hour! You can earn even more as a full-time employee. You can learn more information about Haverhill here.

Do you know anything about this company? Before I actually sign up I would like to make sure the company is legitimate, so I won't be wasting our hard-earned money.

How are you doing with your monthly goals and budget? Would love to hear from you!

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