Thursday, January 15, 2009

Two Month Well-Baby Check

Jackson is two months old today, I can not believe how time flies. He is growing great! This afternoon we had his two month well-baby check up, and everything looks good. He is now 12.4 lbs (60th percentile), 22 inches long (average), and his head measures 39 cm. Unfortunately, this appointment brought three shots :(. Jack was not a huge fan of this, but what baby is. The nurses did the first two at the same time, but the third one was all on his own. We gave him some Tylenol, and he has pretty much been sleeping ever since. He is such a good baby. Normally we would have spent the day taking pictures, and getting new foot prints for his book.....but, Jack is just not in the mood. I don't blame the poor kid, I would not want to be cute in pictures either. We will get pictures soon. But, for is the list of Jackson's 10 favorite things.

Two Months

1. Staring at my friends on my mobile.
2. Sitting in my bumbo chair.
3. Taking naps on Mommy.
4. Giggling in the middle of the night when I get my diaper changed.
5. Smiling at my silly Mommy and Daddy.
6. Being propped up on my Boppy pillow so I can sit up like a big boy.
7. Getting a massage after my baths.
8. Watching "boy" shows with my Daddy.
9. Staring at bright lights.
10. Getting Tylenol after my shots, they hurt!

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  1. awwww.....the baby! i miss him. it's been tooo long since the last cuddle we had.


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