Monday, November 17, 2008

We get to go home!

We are home right now, we got home around three o'clock in the afternoon. Genesis East generally releases mom's around 11...but they were pretty busy, and my nurse had to have a baby transferred to the NICU (poor little thing). So she had her hands full. Having Jack home with us is good, but I will have to let you know how night time goes. Zach has no baby experience at all, so he can get a little frustrated, but he is doing GREAT! I could not ask for a better Daddy. At the hospital Jack stayed with us the whole time (other than getting checked out every few hours by the nurses, they would sometimes take him to the nursery especially for shots and such), so home is not too much different than the hospital, other than I don't have people coming in and out all the time to check my blood pressure, temp, etc. Scott and Tammy decorated our apartment before we came home....which was very nice. We then had most of the family over for a visit with our new little bundle of joy.

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