Tuesday, July 17, 2012

No Spend Month Update


Let me start by saying that it is hard to have a no spend month when you are pregnant, and get these food cravings that will not go away.  Ordinarily, I might want a certain type of food...but the urge goes away pretty quickly or can be substituted with another food.  However, when I am pregnant....this does not work. No matter how hard I try.  It almost becomes obsessive.  Geez.

Anyway, our no spend month ends Friday.  Thank goodness!  And, hopefully we will not spend any more money.  :)

Our total, well....you don't want to know.  I plan on figuring it all out at the end of the week....but, right now I am choosing to ignore it.  We kind of slipped off the wagon.

I am hopeful we will still be able to accomplish our debt repayment, and new television....but, it all depends on the amount of Zach's next paycheck.  We are all crossing our fingers.  :)

And, PS - If you read Zach's facebook status yesterday....NO, I was not talking to him.  I was having a conversation with someone else and he was listening in.  It is truly astonishing, to me, that someone (who is significantly older than us) can live their life thinking living off the government is alright.  Blows my mind.

Disclaimer:  I have no issue with someone, who truly needs to use government assistance, using government assistance.  However, if you are more than capable of covering these expenses on your own....that is when I take issue.  Why should I have to pay for your insurance, energy bills, food, etc when you make more money than my family of 5?

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  1. I completely agree with your disclaimer. I agree that government assistance is there for those that are physically unable to help themselves, or in a temporary situation of needing help to get back on their feet. HOWEVER, I've known too many people who use it as a way of life (albiet lazy- entitlement mentality life), and are willing to actually deceive and hide money in order to keep their free ride- while we work 12-14 hours a day in order to keep our taxes paid and our heads above water. It's just so frustrating.


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