Tuesday, April 3, 2012


About 3 weeks ago, my Great-Grandmother passed away.  She was 89 years old.  It was hard, but not nearly as difficult as the untimely death of both of my Mom's parents.

Anyway, my point.  Back in high school, I had a good friend, Seth.  Well, I was convinced I was in love with him....and he had no romantic interest in me.  Whatever.  Lol.  Anyway, Seth and I were in Clinton (the town my Grandma lived), why we were in Clinton....no clue!  But, we decided to stop by and visit for a few minutes (free soda I believe was the primary reason for our visit).

I introduced my Grandma to Seth and told her about him, etc....but, she kept calling him  Zach.  I thought it was funny at the time, like geez, "why can't this old lady get his name right?!", but thinking about it today I have a different perspective.

I married, as many of you know, a man named Zach.  Was my Grandmother doing a big of foreshadowing, even before I knew who this Zach person was?  Yes, I like to think so.  :)

This random encounter with my Grandma 10 years ago makes me believe, even more certainly, that Zach and I were meant to be together.  :)

Thanks Grandma for your seal of approval.  See ya when I get to Heaven!

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