Thursday, February 9, 2012

Yes, I Know...

...I am a terrible blogger.

I am sure y'all are sick of the quotes only posts.  But, to tell you the truth, I haven't felt much like blogging.  Don't get me wrong, I have plenty to say....I just don't have the energy to type it all out.  Yawn, I am tired already.  :)

So, since I have a lot to cover I will tell you what's going on:

Pregnancy:  I am 11.5 weeks.  Yeah!  I am 25% done.  This pregnancy seems to be dragging, but it is probably because I found out we were expected SO early.  My first OB appointment went well the last week in January, and I have another one schedule for the end of February.  I am hoping to convince her (Dr. Smollen) to give me an ultrasound earlier than her usual 21 weeks.  I am DYING to find out the sex!!!  I am just trying to come up with what angle to play.  ;o)  I have LOST 13 lbs.  I have a very hard time eating and brushing my teeth (yes, I know....don't worry, I brush SEVERAL times a day).  Nothing really sounds good.  Except a virgin strawberry daiquiri, which I have been craving for WEEKS!

Jack:  What can I say?  He is adorable.  He is talking a TON, and says the sweetest things!  :) The other day, either Zach or I (I can't remember now) said "damn it", so he proceeded to say "damn it", so I said "no Jackers, you don't say that word".....and now, he uses that phrase ("don't say that word") all.the.time.  Anytime I ask him to do something he doesn't want to do he says "don't say that word!".  I secretly think it is adorable.....but little dude has an attitude.

He is also a singer.  We caught him singing "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland the other day....maybe he will be on American Idol one day.  Hehe.

Ady:  She is the sweetest little thing, and also the most demanding child I have ever seen. :) She pooped in her diaper the other day and came up to me, and said "I pooped.  Get up, change my diaper."  Yeah, that sentence sums her up pretty good.  She is also learning a lot, and loves to copy you, the TV, anything.  She also LOVES to sing, however she is very shy and I have yet to capture it on video.  Little stinker.  ;o)

I am in the process of finding new beds for the kids.  I am having such a hard time deciding.  I thought I had decided last week....but, now I have changed my mind, lol.  Here are my current favorites.....but, don't hold me to them, I might change my mind again.  :)

Jack (full size)

Ady (full size)

I have also decided the crib I want for #3!
Now, does anyone want to pay for it???  Anyone?  ;o)

Well, that's all I have for now.  I will try and be better about up-dating this blog more regularly.  :)  Love you all!


  1. Aww! I really miss you guys. I love to hear about the new things the kids are up to

  2. Congrats on going to have #3.


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