Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What a Surprise!

I scheduled this post for the day it was written, however it was added to the blog on 2/10/2012.  :)

My period was scheduled to arrive today, the 18th. But, funny thing, it didn't arrive. :) I was so nervous about taking a pregnancy test, I just figured I would get yet another negative result. Just like I had several times over the last six months. But, I finally got up the courage about 9:30 on Sunday night. I took a pregnancy test, and wondered around the bathroom like a crazy person, waiting for the timer on my iPhone to ring. It was a very long three minutes, but my bathroom is cleaner. :) I promised myself that I would look at the test until the timer had reached zero, so I had no idea what to expect....even though I tried to read what it said from the reflection in the mirror. :) When I looked down, a big smile spread across my face as I read the positive result. I am pregnant! Not an ounce of fear or anxiety, just excitement for this little bundle of joy. I haven't told Hubs yet. He is already in bed, he mumbled something about not feeling well before the snoring started. :). I am thinking about buying a new onesie or some other baby item to wrap up for christmas morning. Who wouldn't want to find out they are adding another addition to their family on the day of Jesus' birth?!?! :) Anyway, yeah! I am so excited. Merry Christmas to me!

(Wrote on my phone, sorry for any errors!)

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