Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Ady!

It is Ady's birthday!  She doesn't really know that it is, she thinks this whole week is her birthday!  Which, she makes REALLY clear by singing Happy Birthday to herself  ADORABLE!


You are the best little princess a Mommy could ask for.  You are loving, kind, and playful.  You adore your big brother, and follow him around constantly.

You love watching the movie Iron Man 2, which I don't get...but, to each their own.  

You have your own style, and I love it.   Don't ever lose it.  Always be an individual, and own it!

I love you Ada May!


And in my usual fashion, here are her pictures from exactly 2 years after she was born!  :)

Happy Birthday Madelyn!  :)

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