Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forget The Crumbs

I was just reading this blog post by One Cheap Mama, and it really struck me.  What will I be remembered for?

Will my children really remember that my kitchen is NEVER sparkling clean rather than our trips to park?  Or the fact that there is always laundry to fold on my bed rather than our tip to the swimming pool?

Expand the thought a little further, what will my friends remember me for?

Before you say "no, I am sorry my house isn't clean you can't have friends over".....think about this post.  Remember that NO one will remember the condition of your house....the hideous rug you have been meaning to get rid of....or the tear in the back of the couch.  All they will remember is how much fun you all had playing Monopoly while sharing the events of the day.

Creating a person, a child you have instilled your beliefs, and values into....all while the crumbs from breakfast still littered your counter.

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